We at STEDFAST LONDON have created a lifestyle brand anchored stedfastly to London.

Our inspiration is London; it’s style, music and diversity.

We’ve created Stedfast in London’s honour, with a collection of bold designs, sharp lines, absent from complication influenced by London’s unique characteristics. 

Definition of STEDFAST - Archaic variant of Steadfast

Synonyms= loyal, faithful, staunch, steady, dedicated, dependable, resolute, fixed, unwavering, immovable.

We use the anchor in our designs to demonstrate that we are all anchored in some way to London either through the clothes we wear or the music we listen to. 

The N°13 is used to emphasise our alternative take on modern London, linked to its gloriously rebellious past.

London has always been a city of huge diversity. We love London and what it stands for but its not limited to Londoners and it’s this that inspires people and cultures around the world.